the blind webster (blindwebster) wrote in totemists,
the blind webster

Rabbit as a totem.

Another totem post! This time about Rabbit. (Or if you wanna go crazy and add Hare in there, go ahead.) The usual template:

What experiences have you had with Rabbit (either as an overarching totem, or a specific species' totem)? What has Rabbit taught you, or if you haven't worked with Rabbit, what do you think Rabbit might teach?

Make your reply to this post BEFORE you look at others' replies, so you aren't subtly affecting your own answer without realizing it, or worrying too much that you'll give the "wrong" answer.

(Also, I was thinking it could be a good idea to tag posts with the animal of their subject - so newcomers can check through previous discussions and be less likely to ask the same questions - and maybe have a tag for these totem posts too?)
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