Rakish Ragabash (teacup_werewolf) wrote in totemists,
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Another noob says hello

 Yo! I found this community by accident. I guess I should say hello and give a mini intro.

I'm Bard 23 and I'm more or less a 'European shaman', I lean towards Asatru and Druidry yet I am more of animist, I really don't have a patron actually. 
I actually know lupagreenwolf around the therian community and I've always admired her essays, so I want to say kudos to her. The primary animals I worth with totem wise are Rat and as of late Cockroach. I've worked with Bee and Beetle and a long time ago I was guided by Owl. I am hoping to meet more totemists and exchange ideas.

So hello :3 
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