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Crows, Jackdaws, and Magpies, oh my

I recently traveled to Ireland -insert soul deep joy here- and among the awesomeness of the experience was a bit of stalking. By birds, that is. I'm pretty familiar, being from the USA (living in Shanghai currently, for those curious), with the typical American Crow. I adore crows and they like to come and go in my life rather frequently, sometimes to herald changes...others I think they're just checking in since one of the two goddesses I follow has the crow as one of her symbols. I've met ravens once or twice in Cali, but the UK cousins were a first.

While out by the Howth area, first jackdaws ( started to show up and seemed to fly by and follow as my friend and I explored. Intermixed were what I've determined were Hooded Crows, which seemed to take an even bolder interest. Those of you who've been around crows are likely familiar with that knowing stare they like to turn on one. Lastly, as we made our way up from the town to the bluffs, magpies made their presence known. First one, then a second away to the other side of where we stood. As we headed back down, one would land upon the wires above or a similar spot as we passed by. Even back in Dublin itself, we saw one while waiting for a bus.

I've poked a bit around the net, but Jackdaw and Magpie are not as easy to find it seems (in any real depth) as Crow. I intend some meditation and the like to see what messages they have, if any. But I am curious if anyone has had experience with Magpie or Jackdaw, and could share? Furthermore, for those that deal with or have dealt with Crow, do you find great differentiation between subspecies? For example, between the American Crow and the Hooded? (As a sidenote, Ireland is also the home of my matron, so the Hoodies may've been Hers)

I appreciate any input as I'm always curious to see others' experiences with animals I've encountered. Apologies if this is a bit rambling, a long flight and 24+ with no sleep will make me a bit wacky.
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