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what is it with the damn spiders?

cross posted from my personal journal:

All the past year, we've had an increase in spiders. I couldn't even tell you what kinds, though I think I've seen a wolf spider and I killed a black widow.

At first it was just tiny little baby ones that were mildly beige in color (nearly translucent if possible; damn hard to see unless they are moving).

Then I started noticing bigger ones. Black colored ones.

We have several outside, natch; but the inside ones are disturbing. They started appearing last fall in fact
I just unearthed a box I used to haul my totemism stuff to a class I did more than a year ago. (April 08, yahoo group search function ftw) As I was repiling stuffies back into it, a small, dime sized 8legger scuttled away, trying to hide...I squished it. I don't do well with being startled. Normally I let them go their own way, but wow. And last I knew, I had a larger black hiding in one of my statues...

When I clean the patio a couple weeks ago (weekend before Thanksgiving), that's when I whacked the black widow. I do not need poisonous 8leggers around me and mine. Curious kitties and a tiny bank account are NOT on the wheel.

Aside from me checking out the animal dictionaries, anyone got a clue about what spiders are trying to tell me? As I sit here and think about it, I get an overwhelming feeling of darkness and damn near something akin to EVIL - which is not normally what I associate spiders with. but considering my year, I'm not really surprised.

Spiders are an interesting type of hunter, some are incredibly poisonous to humans, some aren't. They come in a variety of sizes, and set up webs in a variety of ways. Most spiders I've ever encountered (outside of a zoo) were the bug hunting kind. Though a former roommate once said I had wolf spiders - as mentioned above - and wolf spiders have rather distinctive webs. (dear gods, I get the creeps just investigating...)

They are useful in trapping and eating insects - in fact, I'm happy to have them outside. I do not particularly want them sharing my inside (the interior of the house). So far, I haven't found them on the upper level.

(just discovered that TICKS are arachnids! the hell?)

The spiders were absolutely worthwhile when I was battling a fly problem for the better part of a year - had a plant on the front porch that had a manure mulch in it...great fly attractor. But that problem has subsided.

Any suggestions?
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Given what little you've said about your year, I'm going to assume that your year has been pretty awful. This year hasn't been very kind to me, either, nor has it been very great for other people I know. So I commisserate on the cruddy year. But I digress...

I'm guessing your year has been pretty chaotic. Possibly even partially of your own design. My experiences with spider usually revolve around patience, and stillness, only moving when action is needed. Perhaps spider is trying to indicate that you need to still yourself, still your mind, and slow down.

They can also be indicators of creativitity. I don't get any indication that you're having creativity troubles, but that could be tied in to your year - I don't really know, just offering what I remember about Spider.

I'd look up spider symbology, were I in your position. Use more than one source; Ted Andrews is pretty good, but he's completely off in some things (like the idea that only the male tarantula molts) so definitely look at other sources so you get a wide range of information. Also don't be afraid to look at research on spiders. Buy an ID guide so you can ID some of your spiders. ID guides also will tell you a bit about each species that you may see, which may be helpful in your search for meaning.
Yeah, the year's been crappy. I deliberately left it vague as I didn't know if folks really want the whine fest. (Might at least serve a nice cheese with it...)

I need to think about all the answers on this post and see what my next move will be. Thanks.
(just discovered that TICKS are arachnids! the hell?)

Yep, and those guys along with scorpions and horseshoe crabs form the Chelicerates. 8 legs are a defining feature, and that could also apply in symbolism to the spider as well, and to your situation at the moment.

Joansies already gave some good information, and I definitely agree that IDing and looking up biology may be helpful in your search. If you life in North America, then is a good place to start with, tons of photos:

Now I can relate to your freaked-out feeling of having them in the house, since I used to be like that not too long ago (though now I don't even bother taking them out unless it's a hobo, there's several species living in my room alone, lol). Most spiders really do not want to have anything to do with you, you're obviously too big for a meal and much more dangerous to them then they are to you. If you find them to be too close for comfort, act like you should around a bee and don't freak out as best as you can. Then you can find something hollow to rap them in rather than squishing them and take them outside.

Many species that LOOK scary aren't able to do much to you anyway, or to your pets. ID-ing them can help you figure out which ones for your safety concerns.

Now as far as symbolism goes, my impression of spider and yas a conjuction to your sense of evil or bad things is that you may have to be alert/hone your senses in your surroundings or life, or be creative in getting around problems. Web-spinning spiders usually don't have very good eyes, for example, but they have the ability to sense the slightest vibration of their webs through their legs, and can go so far as to tell where exactly on their web it is located and what is making the vibration so they cna prepare the proper reaction (there's usually a different series of reactions to different kinds nad sizes of prey).

Those that hunt for prey instead of spinning will use other acute senses to do so, like jumping spiders and their amazing eyes. They can see pretty damn well for a spider, and they even have some reasoning ability going on too :D (did a report on certain species and found that a jumping spider figured out how to snag a prey spider tarzan-style off of its web by a string, and it did this by looking around and taking in the situation, almost like you and I might).

Yet on the flip side, these heightened senses of awareness can be a drawback in other areas, like the prey spider relying on its web for getting info not being able to use its eyes (because eyesight is poor) to see what's above it. There's drawbacks to everything, so perhaps you need to explore a bit before you find a good solution.

And then there's the web as a creation symbol, as well as the story of Grandmother Spider inventing pottery to steal the sun. So if you have poblems, maybe you need to make your own solution to end it. That'll take a bit of creativity to be successful, usually. If it's mostly non-web making spiders you're seeing, then I would guess that you need to search for a solution instead of hoping it'll pass or come to you. Either way, there's a bit of action needed by you to solve the issue(s).

And then there's the number 8. If you put it on its side, it looks like the infinity symbol, and to me, that symbolizes a cycle. Nothing lasts for ever (I know that sounds weird, but lemme explain). If you put your finger on the bottom and say it symbolizes being in a bad place, if you continue to trace the symbol you'll eventually rise back up into a good place again.

Lol, didn't mean to ramble XD I just find spiders to be so fascinating. Don't take anything I say without a grain of salt though, just like with books. What I said above is only my impression of what's been described here and my own ideas of spider symbolism. hat spider may actually be saying is up to you, so do some digging around and see what information stands out to you as being possible meanings.
And sorry for some grammar mistakes, I don't have the edit button available at the moment.
we're human, mistakes are a given :)
Just a consideration--everyone gets more spiders as the weather cools and they start looking for shelter. So there's a good chance there's absolutely nothing spiritual about it, just spiders doing what spiders do.

Have you tried talking to Spider (or, if you work with species-specific totems, Black Widow and others you've seen?)
Not yet :) it is a consideration. Just what to leave as an offering...
Hmmm. A promise of artwork? Safe passage for non-poisonous spiders?