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what is it with the damn spiders?

cross posted from my personal journal:

All the past year, we've had an increase in spiders. I couldn't even tell you what kinds, though I think I've seen a wolf spider and I killed a black widow.

At first it was just tiny little baby ones that were mildly beige in color (nearly translucent if possible; damn hard to see unless they are moving).

Then I started noticing bigger ones. Black colored ones.

We have several outside, natch; but the inside ones are disturbing. They started appearing last fall in fact
I just unearthed a box I used to haul my totemism stuff to a class I did more than a year ago. (April 08, yahoo group search function ftw) As I was repiling stuffies back into it, a small, dime sized 8legger scuttled away, trying to hide...I squished it. I don't do well with being startled. Normally I let them go their own way, but wow. And last I knew, I had a larger black hiding in one of my statues...

When I clean the patio a couple weeks ago (weekend before Thanksgiving), that's when I whacked the black widow. I do not need poisonous 8leggers around me and mine. Curious kitties and a tiny bank account are NOT on the wheel.

Aside from me checking out the animal dictionaries, anyone got a clue about what spiders are trying to tell me? As I sit here and think about it, I get an overwhelming feeling of darkness and damn near something akin to EVIL - which is not normally what I associate spiders with. but considering my year, I'm not really surprised.

Spiders are an interesting type of hunter, some are incredibly poisonous to humans, some aren't. They come in a variety of sizes, and set up webs in a variety of ways. Most spiders I've ever encountered (outside of a zoo) were the bug hunting kind. Though a former roommate once said I had wolf spiders - as mentioned above - and wolf spiders have rather distinctive webs. (dear gods, I get the creeps just investigating...)

They are useful in trapping and eating insects - in fact, I'm happy to have them outside. I do not particularly want them sharing my inside (the interior of the house). So far, I haven't found them on the upper level.

(just discovered that TICKS are arachnids! the hell?)

The spiders were absolutely worthwhile when I was battling a fly problem for the better part of a year - had a plant on the front porch that had a manure mulch in it...great fly attractor. But that problem has subsided.

Any suggestions?
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