mahpiya_luta (mahpiya_luta) wrote in totemists,

Dream help

Cross-posted on my journal and at totem_animals

This one has me completely puzzled. I've thought about it all day, and I've looked up what little information I can find on earthworms and shrimp -- but I still can't make heads or tales out of it. I'm hoping someone here might offer suggestions for research.

The only bits of the dream I can remember are that my aunt and I were trying to grow plants as part of some group. My planting trays -- which actually looked like dissecting trays -- were completely void of plants. One tray had a mass of earthworms crawling all over each other. The other tray had what my brain/my dream-self explained was a spider but actually looked like a shrimp from deep in the sea that was mostly colorless but had a slight pinkish/orangish tinge to it. Its legs were a light magenta. My aunt had several thriving trays of tiny mushrooms of various colors and shapes. I looked at her trays and then looked at my trays -- one of wriggling earthworms, one of a "spider in an attack stance" (that was how my dream-self described it) -- and said to my parents and my aunt, "I can only grow things that thrive in the dark and the wet."

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